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Home Real Estate Villas For Sale

Villas For Sale

Collection of special and rare villas for sale around the world. From mansions to luxury villas and beach houses to luxury penthouses. Our real estate experts find the best properties for you.

Michael Douglas is Selling his Mallorca Retreat for $32.5 Million

Hollywood acting legend Michael Douglas is best know for his role in the production of films such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest...

Ex-King Leopold II Villa For Sale at 1 Billion Euros in France

The massive villa that once belonged to King Leopold II has recently been offered for sale for a rumored €1 billion. 'Villa Les Cèdres'...
Holmby Hills Mansion

$150 Million Mega-Mansion Hits the Los Angeles Property Market

A $150 million Holmby Hills mega-mansion hit the market yesterday. The Holmby Hills house is located on Carolwood Drive on a plot formerly occupied...

London’s St James Street Apartment For Sale at $13.9 Million

One of the most stunning apartment residences in London has been listed for sale for an asking price of $13.9 million. The St. James Street...

The Netherlands’ Most Expensive Penthouse Sells For €16 Million

Earlier this week Christie's International Real Estate announced that it had sold the Netherlands' most expensive penthouse, located in the heart of Amsterdam. It's...

Massive Colorado Estate with Incredible Views For Sale

Currently for sale in Colorado ski town Telluride, is an enormous luxury estate with incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. The official name of...

Comedian Steve Martin’s $7.7 Million Caribbean House For Sale

Comedian Steve Martin has listed his stunning Caribbean island house for sale at $7.78 million. The house is located in St. Bart and interestingly,...

World’s Biggest Log Cabin For Sale in Michigan

A $40 million log cabin, reported to be the biggest of its kind in the world, is currently up for sale in Michigan. It...

Incredible Apartment Overlooking Sydney Harbour For Sale

An incredible apartment has just hit the market in Sydney, Australia and while it certainly isn't the biggest we've come across, it does offer...
Park City mansion outside

Stunning $14.5 Million Mansion Hits the Market in Park City

Park City, Utah is home to some of America's largest, most expensive and exclusive ski resort retreats and now one is up for sale...


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